The secret recipe for a Palestinian State – revealed!

This past November, on the 29th to be exact, the Palestinian Authority received non member observer status at the United Nations. Some people quickly went on to celebrate this ‘diplomatic defeat’ for Israel, yet something tells me that this new status won’t have too much of an impact either way.

Contrary to how some people try and portray me, I am not anti-Palestinian at all. In fact, I wish only good things for the Palestinians, provided that they are willing to live in peace with Israel.

And that takes us to this new video that Joe and I made, where we share the real secret, bombastic UN declarations notwithstanding, of what must happen in order for the Palestinians to truly achieve statehood.

  • Jose Garcia

    It’s too bad that despite all the attention given to ‘historical accounts’ ,, so many of the people of Islam and Arab nations neglect the fact that both Ishmael and Isaac were sons of Abraham.
    And with so much territory to be shared, it is of particular disappointment that people who consider themselves civilized would have such a hard time with the thought of Israel just being a sovereign people. After all,, they are BROTHERS.