Welcome to The Rant, the place to share frustrations about today’s discussion of Israel. Joe’s family have got the ball rolling for us… next its your turn. Share your rants!

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  • Sabra

    I hate that Muslims expect everyone to stop ‘offending’ them, whereas Jews have been offended in bucketloads since the Romans declared Jesus the leader of the Christians in the year 70 CE … and since when did anyone care if they were offending us?? Muslims have been putting up with it for 11yrs (since they blew up a couple of buildings) so in other words – wouldn’t you say it’s justified? 11 yrs and they’re over it .. what about Jews? 2012-70 years .. I think that’s about 1,950 years of putting up with the most libellous, racist, unfounded, vicious slander. God, I’m over it.

    • Jim

      As a Christian reading about the thousands of years of persecution, and the Jews not blaming everyone else for their loss – has impressed me. Religious Jews tend to believe that God is something to rely on. Even someone who is secular can see the usefulness in such a view. Waiting on opportunity to present itself is what the Jews did, and if God is the one who presented the opportunity, than so be it.

      Patience patience patience – something the Muslim world generally does not accept.

      • Dan

        Next time you find an angry Muslim (not a very difficult task at all these days), recount the following – it might make them more receptive, or it might just piss them off a little bit more. Worth an experiment though

        Surely, God is with (on the side of) those who are patient – Quran 6:46
        God loves those who are patient – Quran 3:146
        The good deeds and the evil deeds are not equal. Repel the evil deed with a good deed and you will find that whom there was enmity with a close friend – Quran 41:34

  • doe

    I hate when people say Israel has more weapons then Gaza – where if they had the same weapons there would be no Israel at all!!

    • Dan

      Keep in mind there is really no longer any real prospect for an independent Palestinian state.
      We keep hearing about Israel being ‘wiped off’ (hopefully we will never again have to see the human losses that statements of that nature entail), but in retrospect there is only one country that has recently met that fate – Palestine.

      Signed: Practicing Arab Muslim