Max was born 1946 in a Displaced Persons Camp and eventually moved to the United States. He started work in a secondhand bookstore, and eventually ended up running his own local grocers store. 

Max is a well known and respected member of his local community. Through his store he knows everyone in the area, and people often stop in just for a chat. Max sometimes thinks about retiring… if only to give him time to start a coffee shop down the road from his store. He tried serving coffee at the store once, but it really didn’t work – the shop was just too busy to give the right vibe. Max is big on vibe.

Joe’s has tried to convince Max to use Facebook, but Max really doesn’t see the point. “Why must I go on my computer and sit by myself to see a time line of what’s happening? If I go to the shop, everyone will come in and tell me what’s happening, and when they leave they might buy some fruit, good for them and good for me too! Facebook doesn’t do fruit Joe.” Max is rather proud of that line, and now whenever anyone asks about social media, Max replies “Like I tell my grandson Joe, Facebook doesn’t do fruit!”