First day of school in Sderot

Dear Joe,

I just got a call from my younger brother, he told me that rockets were fired at his school in Sderot during the first school day of the year.

In normal situations school children have fire drills. In our crazy situation we have rocket attack drills where we have to take cover and/or run to the closest shelter. Even the outside playground for the younger kids is fortified against missile attacks.

Brightly colored bomb-shelter in Sderot’s playground

The first day of school should be focused on catching up with friends, getting to know your teachers, and making sure you have all your textbooks and school supplies. It should not be about taking cover from missile attacks!

Fortunately, things are much better than when I graduated three years ago. The school has just moved into a new building which is fortified, and rocket proof. When an alert goes off the students do not have to dash off to the bomb shelter like I had to do, rather they stay in their classrooms and the lesson continues.

Joe, I am proud that Israel has invested so much in keeping its children safe. Yet I am sad that this whole fortified school building is necessary. Who in their right mind would fire missiles at school buildings?

Anyways Joe I don’t begin university until October, I will be studying biology at Tel Aviv University and am really excited! Of course I will miss my family in Sderot but I feel much better knowing that my younger siblings are studying in a safer school building. Let me know how university is going for you and stay in touch!


your Israeli friend Dalia

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  • Sarah

    Hey Joe, did you know that since 2001 over 12,000 rockets and mortars have been fired by terrorists from Gaza into Israel? Many of them are aimed at Sderot, the small Israeli town where Dalia lives, it’s just a 15 minute drive from the Gaza border.

    • barbora weberova

      not this crap again for God’s sake. to begin with, the so-called Sderot stands on the ruins of a Palestinian village which was depopulated and destroyed by Zionists, since the inhabitants were not Jewish. those Palestinians who survived this ethnic cleansing are now locked up in refugee camps forever, not allowed to return because they are not Jewish. not to Gaza – most people who live there are refugees whom Israel denies the right to return to their property. Gaza is not only occupied, it is kept under a total siege for more than 2000 days, which included the genocidal “war” known as Cast Lead – described by an Israeli gov’t figure as a shoah. an occupied population has the right to use violence in resistance to occupation. rockets that occassionally fly from Gaza are home-made, do not explode and in most cases do not cause any material damage or injuries. on the other hand Gaza is routinely bombed, and that means bombed back to the stone age with the by the most modern weapons available in the world. many time more people died of peanut allergies during a single year in Israel than were harmed by a Gazan rocket during 10 years. you never care about Palestinian adults or children. 92 of 100 children in Gaza suffer from PTSD, lots of them witnesses their relatives being killed by Israel and they often express the wish not to live any longer. the best you can do is to write about “terrorists”. dear dumb hasbarist, resistance to a military occupation is not terrorism. or, perhaps people in the Warsaw uprising were terrorists? people who tried to kill Hitler were terrorists? it can be that you are just very badly uninformed, which is tragic, but still would be better than being a Zionists and trying to justify what Israel does to Palestinians. there is no justification for it and sooner rather than later you will see it.

      • olesker

        I confess; I am “very badly uninformed”. Working on becoming even more badly uninformed. Hope to reach maximal uninformedness at some point!

    • Andre De Angelis

      Hey Sarah, did you know that since 2001, Israel has dropped or fired about 3 times as many orndnance at Gaza? In fact, did you know that Israel fired 7,700 shells into Gaza alone between September 2005 and June 2006?

      And unlike the rockets fired from Gaza, which probably have a kill radius of about 10 feet and the majority of which land harmlessly in open areas, the Israeli bombs and missiles generally have a kill radius of 300 and are guided?

      • Andre Oboler

        Hey Andre, you’re from Australia. Did you know that fire fighters start most fires in Australia? It’s a true statement but totally devoid of context. They do it for perfectly legitimate reasons to stop the spread of wild fires. Your effort to to lose the context, justify illegal attacks on civilian centers, and then condemn the Israeli military’s targeted responses to these terrorist attacks is perverse.

        • William Levin

          Whoa, TWO Andres!

        • Andre De Angelis

          Your effort to to lose the context, justify illegal attacks on civilian
          centers, and then condemn the Israeli military’s targeted responses to
          these terrorist attacks is perverse.

          I have no problem with context, I just reject conflating context with propaganda. Israel has always claimed it’s action are a “response”, even when they aren’t. There are countless examples of this. Indeed, the fact that Israel initiaties such exchanges in order to create an excuse to “respond” is no longer even controversial.

          • Andre Oboler

            Andre, again? You are going to make accusations with no references and claim “everyone says so” as your support?

            I still need to deal with your distortions on the refugee issue. You stated the exact opposite of what the sources – which I gave you link to – actually say. I’m starting believe you have no interest in facts or discussion, only in promoting your own propaganda.