Chanukah Music

Chanukah Videos II

So… last week I posted a whole bunch of Chanukah videos and you all just loved them. I know you can’t get enough, so here I am posting another four Chanukah videos. For this eight day holiday the fun never stops!

From rocky horror show to Matrix and Jazz themed videos, Jews all over the world use their musical talent to create unique artistic works showing their connection to the Chanukah miracle. If you have a video that expresses your connection to Chanukah then please send it my way!

#1 is Hanukkah Lovin’… by another gorgeous member of the tribe


My mom won’t admit it, but when she was younger she was obsessed with the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Sarah and I laugh about it, but every so often we like to indulge her, so Mom, this video is for you!


This video is kind of funky


And now for my own admission; I liked Sesame Street as a child but I still like it as an adult. Fortunately you can find clips of all the great shows on YouTube. Anyways I really enjoyed this Shalom Sesame celebration of Chanukah featuring the missing Menorah


That’s all for now, check back here and on FB later this week for even more Chanukah videos.

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