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British media bias against Israel

Hey everyone,

It really annoys me when I see mainstream media blatantly instigating a bias against Israel. Though many world leaders, such as from the USA, Canada, UK and Germany, came out in support for Israel, the media painted a very different story – one where there was only one country to blame – Israel.

So a little balance has traveled across the Atlantic from my friends in Britain; a blog piece by Melanie Phillips, a noted journalist and lover of Israel. Amazing read – she rips apart the British media for its bias during the war with Gaza.

Anyways I asked my friends in Britain what they thought of the coverage of the British media during the recent Israel-Hamas war. This is what they wrote:

Hey Sarah,

How are you? We’re freezing our butts off here. Bloody weather!

Speaking of the cold, we received a real cold shoulder from the media during the war with Gaza. It was so frustrating to see the reporting imply that the Israelis are almost systematically targeting civilians and children. Did no-one tell them that terrorists in Gaza were committing a double war crime – firing from civilian areas (thus putting their own civilians in harms way) and aiming at Israeli civilians? It’s like the media ignored the fact that Hamas are funded terrorists with the aim to destroy Israel. Failing that, they’ll make Israeli lives as hellish as possible.

Thankfully, there are a few who stand-up against their fellow journalists and try to look at things a little differently, like Melanie Phillips. Ok ok, she’s a Wej, but still… she puts on a good fight for Israel. Check out her blog piece about “Real News from the Middle-East.” Now if only other Brits thought like her.



Dear Sarah,

It was amazing to see all those videos from the USA of people coming out in support of Israel. Unfortunately I think it was more of “Death to Israel” in Europe. It’s really scary how the reach of the Muslim Brotherhood is spreading in the Mid-East. The latest war just shows how well their funding and weapons network has grown. Can you believe the range those missiles have got? What if there was no Iron Dome this time? Despite this, the point of disproportionate force is always brought against Israel.  Disproportionate – WTF!!?? Melanie Phillips hits the nail on the head when she wrote that Israeli ratio of civilians to terrorists was 1:2, while the Allied forces’ ratio in Afghanistan was 3:1 and Iraq was 4:1. Disproportionate my @$$! You should read her article.


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