Joe’s Israel is a social media campaign that gives people a platform for discussing their connection with Israel. Visitors to the site can watch videos, submit their own, and comment by joining any of the discussions happening.

The site is divided into three main sections: Presenting Israel, Catch the Connection, and The Rant. For those who want to learn more for the legal basis behind Israel’s right to the exist, check out the Presenting Israel section. Catch the Connection is a section that looks into the different ways people feel connected to Israel, and why they have that connection in the first place. If you’ve ever felt frustrated about the situation with Israel or how it is presented in the media, then visit The Rant section to watch short videos expressing that frustration.

The organisations supporting Joe’s Israel can be seen on the partners page.

The core team behind Joe’s Israel includes:

  • Mitchell Bard – CEO of AICE
  • Andre Oboler – Producer of Joe’s Israel, Social Media Strategist and Australian Coordinator
  • Omri Ceren – Assistant Producer, Promotion Strategist and US Coordinator
  • William Levin – Animator
  • David Olesker – Message Director
  • Talya Lev – Web Designer
  • Chaim Landau  –  Website Manager
  • Malki Rose – Community Coordinator