Sderot shelter

100+ missiles fired at Southern Israel over the weekend

Dear Joe,

Since Friday over 100 missiles have been fired at Southern Israel from Gaza, many of them aimed at my hometown, Sderot. My family has been freaking out due to the intensity of the latest missile barrage. I interrupted my studies at Tel Aviv University to be with my family in Sderot – as the big sister I feel that I have to be there for my younger brothers and sisters.  School in Sderot has been cancelled, even though the building is fortified. Life has been put on hold.

Joe, when the siren goes off warning of a missile attack, how much time do you think we have to run to a shelter? 3 minutes? 1 minute? 30 seconds? No – we have no more than 15 seconds. We can sleep in the shelter but there is no toilet and shower in the shelter. And we have to go out to buy groceries, we simply can’t stay in the shelter all day.

Our neighbor’s down the street suffered a direct hit on their home. Fortunately no one was hurt, though their house was almost totally destroyed.

The thing is, I bear no hatred towards the residents of Gaza. They have to live under a Hamas dictatorship, a regime that has failed to improve the lives of ordinary Gazans but which is only too happy to engage in terrorist attacks on Israel, instead of focusing on Gaza’s economy or on improving education.  I really wish we could find a solution that both provided for the security of Israel and people like my family, and which also allowed Gazans to live prosperous lives free of Hamas and other fanatics.

Joe, the world barely knows about what’s happening in southern Israel. I know though that you care and I wanted to make sure that you are aware of what’s happening. I really hope that I will be able to welcome you to a quiet and peaceful Sderot during your next visit to Israel.




Hey everyone, this is Joe. I feel sick to the stomach about this situation. I really admire Dalia for going to Sderot, even while missiles are falling, to be with her family. Even though I am thousands of miles away I feel that we have to be there though for Dalia and her family. I want to know, what can we all do for Israel? How can we put an end to this terrible situation? What can we in North America do about this? I would love to hear some ideas!!

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